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    March 11th, 2013OLive


    The Recovery Position is happy to announce that they will be hitting the road fully armed with Dovetail strings in the UK and Europe this year, tour dates coming soon!!! New tour T’s out now!!

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    August 30th, 2012ODebut Album, Video

    Yes that’s right kids. As ‘The Recovery Position” prep to bring the ‘Pulling Teeth’ tour back to the UK. Reid and Heron have been busy with a series of wild night shoots 😉 The official video is now available to stream on-line. Feast and enjoy!!

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    November 16th, 2011OBroadcast, UK Radio

    In a series of shows Peterborough FM, are featuring tracks from the forthcoming debut album ‘The Recovery Position’. First tune was forthcoming Jan 2012 EU single ‘Pulling Teeth’ and this week’s album track is…….. ‘Bite‘.  And I’m pretty sure this will be followed soon by some live acoustic sessions. Nice one…… Big thanks to Kenny, Chris & Junior.

    Trainspotters Mobile Disco 7.11.11by TrainspottersMobileDisco

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    November 15th, 2011OPress
    SQ Magazine

    SQ Magazine


    Posted on Thursday, 10 November by Andrew Nicholls

    The Recovery Position – Pulling Teeth

    “Pulled from the debut solo album of multi-talented artist Ocean Reid “Pulling Teeth” is a striking example of what we can expect when the album is released next year. With perfectly constructed smooth effects and catchy music and lyrics the track is simply breathtaking and almost impossible to dislike. Despite the tortured, emotional nature of the words this song’s music is quite the contrary, at least on the surface; the fast paced drums and guitars and the way in which the vocals are sung change the way the song feels, making it a lot more enjoyable. A mixture of light and utter darkness fuelled by angst “Pulling Teeth” is my favourite track on this part of the playlist.”

    Read more at: www.sqmagazine.co.uk

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    October 13th, 2011OBroadcast, UK Radio

    Amazing Radio



    Amazing Broadcast – Kerrang Special With James Mcmahon

    ‘Pulling Teeth’ the debut single from The Recovery Position (EU Release Jan 2012) is receiving early broadcast support from Aaron Phillips on the ‘Amazing Radio Rock Show’.  First broadcast on Sat (01/10/11) came with great public feedback. Followed by Tue (04/10/11) and now the forthcoming single will be played again on ‘The Kerrang Special with James Mcmahon’ on Saturday (15/10/11) as part of the ‘Amazing Rock Show’ starting at 6:00 PM GMT and Tuesday show repeat at 10:00 PM GMT (18/10/11).

    • You can listen live via DAB Digital radio. DAB AMAZING – Six clicks left Of Radio One.
    • You can also stream live via www.amazingradio.co.uk
    • Live Stream at iTunes

    If you miss the show you can listen again via the Rewind service from Tuesday from:


    Amazing Radio DAB

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