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    Insects to Indie and Beatles to Binary.

    Reid said – When we set out to make this album, we really wanted to make the record we wanted to make. We took no cash from labels major or otherwise. I really wanted to make a true Indie album and I also didn’t want to be told to make a more pretty album half way through recording it.  I also wanted to produce the album. I’ve sat next to some quality producers in my time and everybody has their own twist. So if felt like time to add my own. I also wanted to break out of the Pro Tools cyle and use the desk that the Beatles used. It seemed like a fitting part of the tapestry in these clashing times of Digital Vs Analogue.

    12 Seconds to 6 Months?

    Reid said – Doesn’t feel like a year since these tunes were penned. I still don’t understand the science that dictates that something you can imagine in a split second that can be written down in minutes takes months to record. Must be some kind of paradox in there somewhere???  I had a set of new tunes that I really felt were supposed to be part of this album. They were brand new when I walked into the studio, but they almost felt old by the end of the year. Recording can really be a major head f**k!!

    I had to really stop listening to the songs for a few months after the album was completed. It was only when the master disks were finalised that I actually sat down with the album again. It suddenly sounded fresh and I could listen to it as an actual album, not a work in progress.  

    As we move closer to our album release, you can now hear the album in full exclusively on our Sound Cloud player.

    The Recovery Position by The Recovery Position

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    CMU Daily asked Reid – Q3 How do you go about creating a track?


    “I hear songs all the time. Some days it’s like a gift and some days it’s a real pain in the arse.  Mostly I get the whole lot in one go and sometimes I get parts of songs that I think are different songs, but then they turn out to be separate layers of the same song. I get that lots with vocal harmonies and Guitar lines. I usually record stuff on my phone all the time when I’m walking around. I pretend I’m talking on the phone so I don’t look like a dick, but mostly I probably do. From there I need to find some quiet time, usually in the middle of the night when everything makes sense and nobody is trying to talk to you. This is when I rebuild the songs out of my recordings and memory bullets to put all the parts in to a cohesive format. Sometimes I fine tune but mostly they are done from the seed. It is like taking songs home like really crappy flat pack furniture but actually reading the instructions so you glue the right parts together. You just need to leave yourself the right instructions so you can rebuild the song later in time.”