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    February 16th, 2013OLive
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    January 7th, 2013OLive

    Get events tickets from Skiddle 

    Hope Gig Poster - Web

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    May 10th, 2012OLive

    Look out for Gorilla shows and give aways from ‘The Recovery Position’ around Brighton over the ‘Great Escape‘ weekend.  (10th to 12th May)

    OK, we may not actually be dressed like this, although to be honest…..it does look wicked!!!

    But if you see a cheeky Monkey, come say “hello” and collect a FREE promo CD.

    If you see our Gorilla looking dazed, confused and possibly drunk. Please put him in a taxi before he gets touchy feely and gives you fleas.

    See you over the Ape Escape!!



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    November 15th, 2011OPress
    SQ Magazine

    SQ Magazine


    Posted on Thursday, 10 November by Andrew Nicholls

    The Recovery Position – Pulling Teeth

    “Pulled from the debut solo album of multi-talented artist Ocean Reid “Pulling Teeth” is a striking example of what we can expect when the album is released next year. With perfectly constructed smooth effects and catchy music and lyrics the track is simply breathtaking and almost impossible to dislike. Despite the tortured, emotional nature of the words this song’s music is quite the contrary, at least on the surface; the fast paced drums and guitars and the way in which the vocals are sung change the way the song feels, making it a lot more enjoyable. A mixture of light and utter darkness fuelled by angst “Pulling Teeth” is my favourite track on this part of the playlist.”

    Read more at: www.sqmagazine.co.uk

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